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McGuire Missionary Update – Aug 2023

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Friends and Family,

We are writing from the tiny town of Union Mills, North Carolina where we have just finished our first of five weeks of pre-field training with United World Mission. Over the past few weeks, we packed up our New Jersey apartment, gave away or sold most of our belongings (including a car), and moved in with Courtney’s parents. The first week of our training in North Carolina was a spiritual retreat where we enjoyed a time of rest, practice of spiritual disciplines, and individual/communal reflections which was a sweet and much needed time in this season of change. On Monday we will begin four weeks of training in cross-cultural integration with twenty other missionaries who are about to work all over the world.

We have a two important updates for you!

First, we now have a projected date of moving to Colombia the first week of October, if we are able to reach 100% of our monthly support needs. It is coming up so quickly! We are currently at 81% funding, so we only have 19% to go! If you would like to help us close the remaining 19% gap, you can begin your monthly giving at this link (, or you can sign up to hear our presentation and meet with us over zoom at this link (

Second, we are setting up a What’s App group for our prayer support team to stay connected on a regular basis. If you are on our prayer support team and would like regular prayer request updates, then please go ahead and download WhatsApp. Please contact us with the number you would like to be added to the group.

Current Prayer requests

  1. Pray for the last 21% of monthly funding to be realized so that we can depart for Colombia without delay

  2. Pray for our 4 weeks of training to be fruitful and helpful to our ministry

  3. Pray for the 20 other missionaries (and their children) that we will be in community with for the next 4 weeks. Please pray for their transitions and ministries as they are all leaving for the missions field shortly.

  4. Pray for our continued difficult goodbyes with close friends and family.

  5. Pray or continued health for both of us in this season.

Lastly, if you have friends, families, and/or churches that may be interested in joining our support teams, we would love referrals with their contact information. We’d be so delighted to reach out and share more about what we will be doing with them!

Here are some photos of where we are spending these five weeks of training:

The Center for Intercultural Training

Our little apartment for five weeks

The playground, pavilion, and fire pit


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